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February 09 2016

für mich der schwierigste Moment ist der, in dem ich nach einer anstrengenden Übung auf dem Rücken auf der Matte liege, wissend, dass ich die nächsten 40 Minuten so liegen bleiben werde und einzuschlafen drohe, während ich mein Leben kritisch an mir vorbei ziehen lassen muss, weil ich zu faul bin, aufzustehen.
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Video Games IRL : Mythbusters testing first person shooter carrying every item they encounter.

Okay but this isn’t even the best part like, Adam and Jamie had two runs through of this course: one where they swapped weapons when they picked up a new one, and this run where they carried everything. Both of them lasted five minutes on the swap run, and fifteen minutes when they had to carry everything.

Then they got an actual SEAL to run the course, the guy who is described as having exactly the type of body type and fitness level that you’d see on a shoot-em-up protagonist. The swap run he made in exactly three minutes. The run where he carried everything?

He was slowed down by exactly five seconds.

Omg I wanna watch that

this made me laugh so I found the video. it’s here. :)


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Cats. F*ckin’ up your shit since the dawn of civilization.

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when you finish a paper just before the deadline and have no time to edit

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European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, the first Italian woman in space, took a moment to celebrate Captain Janeway at around 250 miles above Earth. (CNET) (twitter)

i bet someone else has already posted this by now but i thought it was really cool bc now we officially have had a cosplay selfie in space lmao

also apparently this marks the first time a star trek uniform’s actually been worn in space i heard??? which is also awesome


She did it again today! Also, in the picture she’s drinking coffee brewed with an espresso machine specifically engineered to work on the International Space Station - the ISSpresso (made in Italy!).


The most amusing thing about this is that, at current launch prices, it costs in the neighbourhood of $4000 per pound to send stuff to the International Space Station. Eyeballing that uniform’s weight at about two pounds, this means that before Ms. Cristoforetti could take cosplay selfies on the ISS, she first had to propose to her nation’s space agency, with a straight face, that they should approve an extra eight grand to send that uniform up there with her in the first place - and that they agreed that this was, in fact, an appropriate use of their funding.



This is awesome.

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Gah, I want this framed on my mantlepiece like a family photo.

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fuckk off why is this the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen??

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Immerhin haben sie's versucht... 
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